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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Blinders are Off

Christians believe that Jews have been blinded to Jesus being the Messiah.  I also used to wonder why Jews didn't believe in Jesus.  I was told that Jews had blinders so that they couldn't see the truth. All they need to do is read the New Testament and they will see it clearly.  Right?  After all, Jesus died for their sins.  Didn't he?    He even said he came for the Jews first.  But, they rejected him two-thousand years ago.  So they will have blinders on until Jesus comes back.  Then they'll realize how wrong they've been all these years.  Or will they?

These are but some of the things Christians ask from time to time.  They conclude that, obviously the Jews have blinders.  It had to be that way so that Christianity could spread throughout the world.When Jesus comes back, Jews all over the world will suddenly be apologetic for disbelieving in him all these years.  So goes the general thinking of Christians all over the world.  

The truth is that nothing could be farther from the truth.  Christians are the ones with the blinders. Here is the proof. The Christian text tells us that all scripture is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness  (2Tim 3:16).  The scripture to which this is referring is the Hebrew Scripture.  Keep in mind that when Paul wrote to Timothy, the New Testament had not been compiled yet.  At that time, they only had the Hebrew Scriptures.  Paul had already told Timothy to study to shew thyself approved (2Tim 2:15).  

Paul and Timothy would have known that no one can die for the sins of another (Dt 24:16).  Yet they tell us that Jesus died for our sins.  They would have known that God abhors sacrificing one's children.  (Lev 20:1-7).  But we are told that God Himself sacrificed His son. These are complete contradictions to the scriptures Paul is telling Timothy to study and to use for instruction.  

Jews who know the Scripture, know these things.  These are some of the reasons they reject Jesus. It's not because they have blinders.  It's because they don't.  None of the New Testament can align itself with Scripture.  How is it that a Christian can read these things in the Bible and still hold to what the New Testament is saying?  The answer is simple.  They are blind to what the Scriptures are telling them.  I know this to be true because I was once one of them.  Thank God, the blinders are off.  Now I can read the Scriptures clearly and see for myself what is true and what is not.  

Every day I find that Christianity  is filled with falsehoods.  What it really is, is idolatry.  Christians believe that Jesus is God.  With the exception of a few smaller sects, Christians believe in the trinity. That is that God is three.  Again, scripture disproves this.  Deuteronomy 6 tells us that God is one. The trinity is a contradiction to this.  Jews are not blind to this.  Twice daily they recite the Shema. They know that God is one and not three.  

Now that my blinders are off, I can see what God has been telling me, through His word, all of my life.  Scripture tells us to keep the seventh day holy.  Christianity tells us to keep the first day holy. Scripture tells us not to worship anyone but God.  Christianity worships Jesus.  This is idolatry.   Scripture tells us to only eat clean animals.  Christians eat animals that are considered unclean. Scripture tells us that God's word is eternal.  Christianity tells us that God's word is now void.  This raises a question.  If the law is now void, how is it that Paul told Timothy that all scripture is profitable for doctrine?  Paul is clearly contradicting himself.  Christians, you know these  verses. This must be making you uncomfortable.  Is it possible that what you have been taught since you were a child is actually wrong?  It is wrong.  Pray to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Ask Him to show you the truth about Christianity.  Ask Him to remove your blinders.  

I have shown you only a few examples of contradictions in the Christian text.  There are many, many more.  You must ask yourself some serious questions.  Can scripture contain contradictions?  The ones I have shown you can't be denied.  If scripture was given to the Jews, doesn't it make sense that they might have a better understanding of it?  They can read it in its original language.  My final question to you is this.  Are you willing to overlook all of this because of what your pastors, teachers, parents, etc told you in spite of what you have seen here?  Only you can answer this.  I hope you decide to take off the blinders.

 Copyright 2015 by William Bouker