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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Light and Darkness

We all know that light and darkness are opposites.  Where there is darkness, there is no light.  Both light and darkness have different properties.  Light can travel through darkness.  It is active.  It has power. It gives off heat.  Heat is the release of energy.  Whereas darkness is associated with cold, slow movement, and lack of sight.  Darkness is static.  It doesn't move.  When it does appear to move what is actually happening is that the light is moving away, leaving the darkness.  So, darkness is what is left when the light leaves.

Light is associated with wisdom, as in the light of Torah.  The light of Torah displaces the darkness of wickedness.  Science teaches us that the light we see is only a fraction of total energy emitted by the sun.*  When we apply this concept to the light of Torah we can get a better understanding of how God works in our lives.  There is the part we see and the part we cannot see.  The part we cannot see is where all of the energy and power is.  Another property of light is that it radiates, that is it moves or spreads out from a central location.  So it is with someone who studies Torah and applies its principals to their life.  The light of Torah within a person will radiate outward and can be seen by those around them. Remember the properties of light.  The light that we see is only a fraction of the energy emitted. Applying this to Torah, we find that a follower of Torah actually emits  more of its power than can be seen.  This is one of the amazing ways in which HaShem works through us to eradicate the darkness of this world.

Merriam- Webster.com defines light as the form of energy that makes it possible to see things.  The connection to Torah  here is obvious.  The Bible speaks of another light.  The light to the nations. This is, of course, speaking of the Jewish people being the light which guides the nations of the world to HaShem.  This is a special kind of light.  The nations of this world are filled with darkness.  This darkness comes from the lack of knowing anything about HaShem.  There are religions, self-help groups, motivational speakers, and so on who make various claims to the light, but the light is not in them.  Most, if not all of them are at their root only after money; money which cannot save them and which emits no light. Better one should give their money to the poor.  This is also the light of Torah.  

The light to the nations is a beacon for all of us who are not Jewish.  Now is the time to look for that light.  It has been there all along.  The problem all along has been that people all over the world have been blinded by hatred to the Jews.  Those who harbor hatred are in the darkness.  They cannot hope to find their way out of that darkness without the light to the nations.

The time is now.  The light to the nations is getting brighter.

*Properties of light PVEducation.org

Copyright 2015 by William Bouker